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Books featuring Thomas Bewick's illustrations and artwork.
Thomas Bewick was born at Cherryburn in Northumberland into a farming family. He was locally educated and had no formal training in art, and after school was apprenticed to a metal engraver in Newcastle. Bewicks name is synonymous with the development of the art of wood engraving. His early work as an artist and craftsman with wood blocks led him to experiment with cutting designs in hard wood, rather than the soft woods used for woodcuts. Bewick discovered that as fine a detail could be achieved with hard wood as with metal. The resulting prints were scientifically accurate and elaborately detailed, even though frequently very small.

He is credited with reinvigorating British book illustration, and became an influential figure internationally along with Audubon during the latter part of his life. Bewicks bird engravings still charm us today.
Thomas BewickbornBorn 1753 Died 1828