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Books and dust jackets featuring Fiona Clucas' illustrations and artwork.

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Ochre reedbeds and spring sunlight on the mosses, still reflections of birds and evening clouds at low tide contrasted against patterns and textures of ribbed sands. Silhouettes of birds feeding in winter, or the fell in high summer buzzing with life and covered with wild flowers.

I have always been fascinated by birds and other winged wildlife and for sometime now they have been a strong focal point in my work,sometimes the birds appearing only as dots on the horizon. To me they bring a sense of scale both to the wider landscape as well as to the more intimate studies within garden and hedgerow.

Recreating these varied wildlife habitats onto canvas and paper,portraying the patterns and textures of land and sea using mixed media,i find exciting.The creative process of building up surfaces,sometimes printing and the continuous layering of colour upon colour is absorbing.
Locations providing inspiration for me vary from my own garden to some of nature`s wilder habitats.
I produce paintings in Acrylic/mixed media,watercolour/mixed media and graphite drawings of strong and varied tones.

Coastal situations around western and eastern Scotland and closer to home Morecambe Bay, the mosses and River Kent are all places where I love to be.

Fiona Clucas

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Fiona Clucas Born 1963