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Carry AkroydbornBorn 1953
  • Albatross II
    Albatross II

    Medium: drypoint on paper
    Dimensions: 61 cm x 73 cm
    Note: edition of 30

  • Ammonite (<i>Ancyloceras</i>)
    Ammonite (Ancyloceras)

    Medium: pencil on paper
    Dimensions: 85 cm x 65 cm
    Note: framed

  • Head of greater flamingo
    Head of greater flamingo

    This work has been sold

    Out of Stock
  • Quebrantahuesos

    Medium: dry point on paper
    78 cm x 52 cm
    Note: edition of 50

  • Stac

    Medium: dry point on paper
    80 cm x 60 cm
    Note: edition of 30

  • Colony

    Medium: dry point on paper
    Dimensions: 54 cm x 54 cm
    Note: edition of 30


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"I’m a Bird Group curator at The Natural History Museum, working with the largest and most comprehensive collection of avian material in the world. I’m personally responsible for the acquisition of new material, and the preparation and repair of bird study skins. I’m also on the Committee of the Guild of Taxidermists.

So, what’s all this got to do with art?

Well, a lot actually.

In my youth I enlarged upon what was already a keen passion for birds in order to better understand the subject matter of my pictures. I spent countless hours on taxidermy and anatomical drawing from specimens stripped down layer by layer in the same way as Stubbs did his horses. I also became a qualified ringer in order to handle loads of birds and travel to exotic places. Which I do.

Over the years the birds in my artwork have diminished in favour of the landscapes they inhabit which gives a better feeling of the whole, I think. I’ve kicked out drypoint as my No. 1 medium and am playing around with oil paint and large drawings these days. My greatest passion is for walking, or more accurately exploring landscapes and building up a collection of small field drawings (not drawings of small fields) that I may or may not work from later. Few people get to see these. My training was in Fine Art and Natural History Illustration – no science at all, so it’s ironically down to my art that I landed such a fantastic job in the NHM’s Science Group.

I’ve always had more than a soft spot for Audubon and frequently do media presentations on the old chap, though nowadays my artistic heroes are Symbolist Gustav Moreau and the Chinese landscape painter Fu Baoshi".

Katrina Cook
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Katrina Van Grouw née CookbornBorn 1965