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Carry AkroydbornBorn 1953
  • Damselfly hangout
    Damselfly hangout

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 45 cm x 35 cm
    Note: £375 framed

  • Dappled Rhea
    Dappled Rhea

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 45 cm x 75 cm
    Note: £375 framed

  • School of Scalefin Anthias
    School of Scalefin Anthias

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 40 cm x 50 cm
    Note: £420 framed

  • Waiting for dusk
    Waiting for dusk

    This work has been sold

    Out of Stock
  • Morning shimmer
    Morning shimmer

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 38 cm x 94 cm
    Note: available framed

  • Coral reflections
    Coral reflections

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 79 cm x 53 cm
    Note: available framed


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Stefan graduated from Edinburgh University in 2000 after studying for a degree in French and Business Studies. It was during his time in Scotland that he began to satisfy his desire to paint. In 2003 he exhibited at the Society of Wildlife Artists annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London.

Stefan produces a lot of his work by going to a place in nature with his digital video camera, and recording whatever catches his eye – this could be anything from leaves lit up by the afternoon sun, to a damselfly resting daintily on a blade of grass. Then he returns to his studio, where he uses his video footage to give him ideas for his paintings.

“It is my passion for nature and my concern about the way it is being treated by mankind which fuels my desire to paint. I am very much at the start of my artistic career, and there is nothing I want more than to explore the different ways in which I can use my art to raise awareness about the importance of the natural world to us all.”

Stefan Grol
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Stefan GrolbornBorn 1977