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Carry AkroydbornBorn 1953
  • Gull motion, Clare coast
    Gull motion, Clare coast

    Medium: textiles
    Dimensions: 84 cm x 145 cm

  • Gull passage, Bishop's quarter
    Gull passage, Bishop's quarter

    Medium: textiles
    Dimensions: 148 cm x 53 cm

  • Curlew flight, west coast
    Curlew flight, west coast

    Medium: textiles
    Dimensions: 118 cm x 81 cm

  • Ringed plovers, white strand
    Ringed plovers, white strand

    Medium: textiles
    Dimensions: 116 cm x 73 cm

  • Feeding frenzy, Valentia island III
    Feeding frenzy, Valentia island III

    Medium: textiles
    Dimensions: 103 cm x 104 cm


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Nicola gained a first class degree in Fine Art textiles at Goldsmiths College, London. She has exhibited throughout Britain as well as having many international exhibitions. Some of these include varied solo shows at the ‘Contemporary Applied Arts’ exhibition, London; ‘Galerie Pousse’ in Tokyo, Japan as well as ‘Visions of Craft’ at the British Crafts Council, London and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Nicola’s textile pieces are made by a combination of dying, painting, and screen-printing cotton calico and texturing the surface with various materials stitched into the cloth. Her work is composed by studying birds and their flight in relation to the natural environment. By watching and drawing their motion she aims to capture a sense of scale and movement within space.

“Each piece of work examines our inner state, using birds to express those emotions and concepts of life both on a personal and a universal level. The work links the abstract sensations of what I feel hints of the figurative reality in a particular place. My latest works aim to capture the sense of spiritual liberation that we search for in direct contrast to the physical, conformist world in which we are trapped.”

Nicola Henley
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Nicola HenleybornBorn 1960