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Carry AkroydbornBorn 1953
  • Cuckoo wrasse II
    Cuckoo wrasse II

    Medium: woodcut
    56 cm x 43 cm
    Note: print no. 2 of 20

  • Cuckoo wrasse I
    Cuckoo wrasse I

    Medium: woodcut
    Dimensions: 54 cm x 38 cm
    Note: print no. 1 of 20

  • Mackerel

    Medium: woodcut
    86 cm x 39.5 cm
    Note: print no. 3 of 30

  • Turtles

    Medium: woodcut and lino cut
    Dimensions: 56.5 cm x 75.5 cm
    Note: print no. 1 of 30

  • Saltwater crocodile
    Saltwater crocodile

    Medium: woodcut
    Dimensions: 41.5 cm x 103 cm
    Note: print no. 1 of 15

  • Two tigers
    Two tigers

    Medium: woodcut
    Dimensions: 50 cm x 60.5 cm
    Note: print no. 12 of 15

  • Tiger

    Medium: woodcut
    Dimensions: 85 cm x 45 cm
    Note: print no. 25 of 50

  • Great northern diver
    Great northern diver

    Medium: linocut
    Note: print no. 5 of 30

  • Swinhoes pheasant
    Swinhoes pheasant

    Medium: lithograph
    Dimensions: 71 cm x 50 cm
    Note: print no. 34 of 75

  • Great eagle owl
    Great eagle owl

    Medium: lithograph
    Dimensions: 53 cm x 70 cm
    Note: print no. 68 of 75
    Note: featured in the BBC's 2005 film, "The Natural World: The Return of the Eagle Owl"

  • Koi carp
    Koi carp

    Medium: etching
    Dimensions: 44 cm x 61 cm
    Note: print no. 65 of 100


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David Koster studied for three years at the Slade School of Art. He is a well-known and extremely accomplished printmaker specialising in natural history subjects. David is a founder member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and has exhibited there regularly for many years as well as at The Royal Academy, London.

David has undertaken several illustration commissions including work for the RSPB and a front cover for their ‘Birds’ Magazine. He has also illustrated ‘Down to Earth’ by John Stewart Collis with wood engravings plus ‘Fellow Mortals’, an anthology of animal poetry, with ink drawings.

He is an extremely knowledgeable naturalist with his work stemming from precise observation and study of his subjects inspired by time spent in Folkestone and Plockton, a village in the northwest Highlands.

“I find the different print media particularly suitable for the depiction of wildlife, despite the technical difficulties they present and the hard physical work involved. Plus I find the need to make drawn and coloured studies from life and gather reference material a satisfying discipline.”

David Koster
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David KosterbornBorn 1928