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Carry AkroydbornBorn 1953
  • Golden plover 3
    Golden plover 3

    Medium: mono print
    Dimensions: 30 cm x 40 cm

  • Red-eyed and azure damselflies
    Red-eyed and azure damselflies

    Medium: woodcut
    Dimensions: 77 cm x 57 cm

  • Wood anemones and bluebells
    Wood anemones and bluebells

    Medium: acrylic on primed paper
    Dimensions: 40 cm x 57 cm

    Out of Stock
  • Pyramidal orchids and vetch
    Pyramidal orchids and vetch

    Medium: relief print
    Dimensions: 38 cm x 38 cm

    Out of Stock
  • Common spotted orchids, Bedford purlieus
    Common spotted orchids, Bedford purlieus

    Medium: card relief print
    Dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm

    Out of Stock
  • Early purple orchids, cuckoo pint and bluebells
    Early purple orchids, cuckoo pint and bluebells

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 59 cm x 80 cm

    Out of Stock

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Greg Poole became an elected member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) in 1991 and a Council member in 1997. In 1993 Greg gained the Natural World art award and the Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF) Award. He exhibits widely and has shown work at the annual SWLA exhibition in the Mall Galleries for several years.

Greg has had a tremendously varied career path which began with conservation work in Avon which then led on to a position as Warden at Bardsey Island Bird Observatory, Wales and then Long Point Observatory, Ontario, Canada. He is a prolific illustrator and has had work commissioned by the RSPB, BBC Wildlife magazine and the Environment Agency.

Greg makes his preliminary sketches ‘in the field’ using mainly crayon, charcoal and gouache. These sketches are then worked up in to finished pieces in his studio, generally using printmaking along with collage.

“I’m making pictures about nature, above all trying to celebrate being able to appreciate nature - to hear, smell, touch and see it, marvel at how it all fits together. I am upset at how a lot of it is getting ripped apart but I do not feel inclined to investigate the unhappiness with my art, as though I am wallowing in it. It seems better to point out how great things are, and show the way I see it. I celebrate nature and it’s interactions. I can use my art as a means of investigation and this can go from micro to macro in microseconds.”

Greg Poole
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Greg PoolebornBorn 1960