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Carry AkroydbornBorn 1953
  • Kites over Stirling Carse
    Kites over Stirling Carse

    Medium: acrylic on board
    Dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm
    Note: winner of the Countryman Art Award, 2003

  • New World warblers
    New World warblers

    Medium: watercolour
    Dimensions: 28 cm x 21 cm

  • Great grey owl, Sax Zim bog, Minnesota
    Great grey owl, Sax Zim bog, Minnesota

    Medium: acrylic on paper
    Dimensions: 57 cm x 36 cm

  • Sea eagle, Ottenby
    Sea eagle, Ottenby

    Medium: oil on panel
    Dimensions: 37 cm x 60 cm

  • Bolivar flats, Texas
    Bolivar flats, Texas

    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Dimensions: 60 cm x 100 cm
    Note: winner of the Birdwatch Magazine Artist of the Year Awards, 2000

  • Sea eagles, Canna
    Sea eagles, Canna

    Medium: watercolour
    Dimensions: 27 cm x 32 cm


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Darren Rees was born in Hampshire, and he studied Mathematics at Southampton University teaching the subject for a short time before pursuing painting full time. As an artist he is self-taught.

His work has attracted many awards including BirdWatch Artist of the Year, Natural World Fine Art Award, RSPB Fine Art Award, and the Countryman Art Award at the Mall Galleries, London. His first solo book Bird Impressions was greeted by much critical acclaim and was a runner up in the Natural History Book of the Year Award.

Darren is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists in London and he has been a contributing artist to The Artists for Nature Foundation/WWF projects in Holland, Poland, Peru and Ecuador. He has held painting workshops for a diverse number of groups, including Stirling University and Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

He is a knowledgeable naturalist and travels extensively, leading wildlife holidays to Europe and the Americas. He is also a regular writer with Birds Illustrated magazine.

“For a long time my favoured approach in the field has been using watercolour to record birds and landscapes in moments of interesting behaviour or fleeting light. It still remains my primary tool for information gathering, but nowadays I find myself wanting to relate my experiences and encounters with wildlife spectacles, not just wildlife species. I find it easier to manipulate groups of birds or animals with acrylic and oil, and currently most of my studio time is devoted to these larger, more considered works.”

Darren Rees
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Darren ReesbornBorn 1961