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Books and DVDs featuring Yukki Yaura's illustrations and artwork.

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An artist of diversity and Buddhist Philosophy, Yukki is renowned for her wildlife paintings, books and her calligraphy work in television and in the Peter Greenaway and Stephen Spielburg films: “The Pillow Book” and "Empire Of The Sun".

Yukki graduated with an MA and MPhil at the Royal College of Art in 1998. Her early studies were of Nihonga (traditional Japanese watercolour) Suiboku (ink painting) and Shodo (Japanese calligraphy). Under master Ryuto Yanagi, art critic Kanemi Li and Professor A. Uemura at Kyoto City University of Art.

Yukki has been awarded nine prizes including the Holbien Award and the Sheila Robinson Drawing Award. Solo exhibition at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain, at Nature In Art Museum: Gloucester, at the Royal National Theatre London etc…

Yukki has work published in several books including the following titles: "SUIBOKU-GA" Japanese Ink Painting; "HAIGA" Illustrated Haiku Poems; "FLOWERS" Japanese Ink Painting.

"My work subconsciously comes from philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism that teaches: animal life and human’s and any life forms are equally significant: Both life and its environment manifest two but not two for one cannot exist without the other”

Yukki Yaura
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Yukki YaurabornBorn 20th Century