Only one Gillmor left for 2008

We have sold the third of the four Robert Gillmor prints that were recently added to the gallery, which means we only have one left for the remainder of 2008, print no. 38 of 55 of “Settling to roost”.

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New work from Esther Tyson

More new work, this time from Esther Tyson. We have added 5 new paintings and 1 mixed media piece, so please visit Esther’s collection to see them.

New work from Esther Tyson - Goldfinch in the gardenNew work from Esther Tyson - Little owl

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New work from Carry Akroyd

We have added 4 new mono prints by Carry Akroyd to her collection. Each is a serigraph (made in small editions of less than 10 each), employing mono-printing techniques so none is identical.

New work by Carry Akroyd - Pink river (heron)

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Tyzack family successful in recent Guardian newspaper and Keith Tyson offer

The Tyzack family proved successful in Tuesday’s offer from the UK’s Guardian newspaper and the 2002 Turner Prize-winning artist, Keith Tyson, of 5,000 free downloads of his bar-code-like “History Paintings”. Both Andrew and his father, Chris, managed to successfully win one copy each, with the ‘digital’ paintings linked to their location on the planet - from the Guardian article:

“Each work will consist of a unique randomly generated sequence of vertical stripes in red, black and green - the colours of the roulette wheel. Every image will have its own title, based on the geographical location of the user, and a serial number.”

The following are cropped images taken from the Tyzack two:

The Keith Tyson History Paintings 1The Keith Tyson History Paintings 2

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Another Gillmor sold

We’ve sold another of the recently added Robert Gillmor works, this time of the “Settling to roost” print. Prior experience shows that Robert’s pieces tend to sell quickly, so if you are looking to purchase something special for the new year, we encourage you to act now!

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New work from Dafila Scott

Four new pastels from Dafila Scott have been added to her collection. Each is available framed or unframed - if you would like to purchase any of the pieces framed, please contact us first.

New work from Dafila Scott - Bewick's swans at dusk
New work from Dafila Scott - Guinea fowl in the shade

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New work from David Bennett

We’ve added ten new pieces from David Bennett, a mixture of paintings and drawings. Visit David’s collection to see the new work.

New work from David Bennett - Mountain haresNew work from David Bennett - Tawny Owl sketch

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One less Jackdaw in the roost

We have sold a “The jackdaw tree” lino cut from Robert Gillmor, leaving only one more of the two prints we had in stock left. Act soon if you wish to own one of these limited edition prints from a sought after and highly collectible artist.

Robert Gillmor's

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New work from Andrew Stock

Three new pieces from Andrew Stock have been added to his collection. Two of the paintings continue his work in Pabbay in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, and the third is of a Ring-necked Parakeet in a back street in India:

New work from Andrew Stock - Back street, Haridwar, India (with Ring-necked Parakeet) New work from Andrew Stock - Turnstones. beyond the pier, Pabbay, Outer Hebrides

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New work by Katrina Cook

Seven new pieces from Katrina Cook have been added to her collection. The works consist of one painting and six mixed media drawings.

New work by Katrina Cook - Fruit bat, Morne Blanc, Mahé, Seychelles New work by Katrina Cook - St. Abb's II

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Otter woodcuts by Bruce Pearson

Bruce Pearson - A tangle of otters
Bruce Pearson - Sleeping otters

Two new woodcuts from Bruce Pearson have been added to his collection. Each is from an edition of 24, though a limited number of both remain - 6 and 8 prints respectively, at time of writing - so act quickly!

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New work by Victoria Edwards

New work from Victoria Edwards - Galapagos Sea Lion Pups, Espanola Island New work from Victoria Edwards - Galapagos Doves

We’ve added more pieces from Victoria Edwards, including mixed media pieces as well as new drawings of the fauna of the Galapagos Islands. Visit Victoria’s collection to view the new work.

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New Alexis Rago prints

New prints from Alexis Rago - Dodona New prints from Alexis Rago - Cumae

Two sets of signed and numbered, limited edition prints from Alexis Rago have been added. Please visit his collection for more information.

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Book shop added

Example image of the book store

The new book shop has been added to the site, so please click the Books button on the left to start browsing our selection. We currently have a number of titles in stock which are signed by the artists themselves, such as Nature Drawings and Land marks and sea wings by John Busby, In a new light by Bruce Pearson, and Haiga by Yukki Yaura.

Artist’s who have books in their collection gain a new button in their menu which lets you visit their selection of books at any time from their profile or collection pages:

The Book collection button

On each book page is an animation showing a selection of the content from each book - either leave the animation to run itself or hover your mouse pointer over the edges of the pages and click to turn them at your own speed:

Turning a booke page

Happy browsing!

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New work by Robert Gillmor

New work from Robert Gillmor New work from Robert Gillmor

We’ve added two new lino cuts by Robert Gillmor. We have two copies of each print (from an edition of 55 for both). Visit Robert’s collection to view more details.

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New work by Anna Kirk-Smith

Wave swirl, St. AbbsFor T.A. Stephenson

New pieces by Anna Kirk-Smith have been added and a selection is shown below. Visit Anna’s collection to see them all.

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New features of the renovated site

There are a number of changes to the site, the most significant of which is a move to using PayPal as the shopping basket provider. However if you would like to use alternative means of paying for any work, please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss other forms of payment.

Another new feature is the navigation menu at the top of the page for each artist:

Picture of the new navigation menu

To use it, scroll to the icon representing your artist of choice and click the icon. Their collection will then open. The TLG logo icon will take you back to the artist selection page of the site:

TLG home page icon

At the top of each artist’s page, there is a row of icons. These represent the ‘Artist’s collection’ and the ‘Artist’s profile’. The currently selected icon is green and the other icon will be orange to indicate that it can be clicked to visit that page.

Icon for the artist's collectionIcon for the Artist's profile

The collection page shows the work of each artist and enables you to add pieces to your shopping basket (and view your shopping basket). To add items to your shopping basket click the Add to Basket icon next to the piece:

The icon for adding items to your basket

To view your basket at any time, click the View basket icon:

The icon for viewing your basket

The profile page provides a slideshow of the work of that artist, and provides a short perspective of the artist and/or their work.

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The Land Gallery gets renovated

Bright White

Bright White by Anna Kirk Smith

Today, Andrew and Debbie are pleased to announce the launch of the new Land Gallery website. After several months of work, the new design is finally (almost) ready. With the exception of the bookstore*, which will be updated and completed over the course of the next few weeks, the site is ready to use.

We hope you enjoy the changes that have been made while renovating our gallery, but would value any feedback you can provide. Please use the contact form to let us know what you think.

Thank you and happy browsing,

Andrew and Debbie Tyzack

* We will be adding the bookstore soon. In the meantime, any books for purchase can be found in the artists’ collections.

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