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"The Remarkable Mr. Busby"

As announced in September, John Busby was recently named as a "Master Artist" at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA. The award demonstrates a worldwide appreciation for the talents of John which is reflected in 'The Remarkable Mr. Busby', a new article for the Wildlife Art Journal by its Editor, Todd Wilkinson. The article explains why American wildlife artists now revere John as the greatest living bird artist:

'A retrospective glance at the pure genius of British painter John Busby, who carries forward the mantel of fine avian art.'

Read more at the Wildlife Art Journal.

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The Wildlife Art Journal

The Land Gallery is very pleased to recommend Wildlife Art Journal. Based in the USA, Wildlife Art Journal is forging links with North American, European and Worldwide artists specialising in wildlife subjects. From Todd Wilkinson, Editor of the journal:

Wildlife Art Journal

Wildlife Art Journal

"Where the Art of Nature connects the World
We want to connect with you wherever you are"

"We revel in the idea that cultural and biological richness is local.  But we live in a global world. And where the art of nature is concerned, in all its forms, we are committed to giving you a global online treeless magazine that offers easy access to stories whenever you want them and diverse, voluminous visual content. At Wildlife Art Journal (www.wildlifeartjournal.com), there's one more thing you need to know:  We realize keenly that there's a lot Yankees can learn—and much to admire—from the work of their counterparts on this side of the Atlantic.  We want you to exert your presence in our magazine.  We really mean it. In the past, art magazines from North America have taken only a token interest in covering the nature-related art community in the UK and on the continent.  We intend to change that."

Todd Wilkinson
Editor of Wildlife Art Journal 

About Todd Wilkinson

Todd Wilkinson has been an environmental journalist as well as a writer about art in wildlife and the natural world for much of the past 25 years (though he started as a violent crime reporter in Chicago and grew up in the lake country of Minnesota).  Since the late 1980s, he has based himself in Bozeman, Montana, within the northern Rocky Mountains of the American West and has traveled widely and internationally on magazine assignments.  (He spent half of one teenage year in East Anglia near Ipswich and it left a huge impact on him).   He celebrates the traditional and history of naturalistic painting, sculpture and photography, but believes artists can benefit, in unprecedented ways, from modern connections, especially in an age like this when there are shared monumental environmental challenges.  He would like to hear from artists in Europe.  You can drop him an email at: editor@wildlifeartjournal.com

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