Bees in Art, the new sister website to The Land Gallery has been launched

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The past few months have been busy ones for Andrew and Debbie, curators of The Land Gallery. Andrew is a keen beekeeper and due to this passion, he has developed a motif to his work which centres on bees and other Hymenoptera.

Consequently, we have been working on a sister website to The Land Gallery which is dedicated to the subject of bees in art. The new site has been online for a few weeks already, but now that we have been able to add work from several leading artists, we are ready to announce it here at The Land Gallery. You will notice the Bees in Art logo on many of our pages, and this can be clicked to take you to the new site whenever you want (and the reverse is true for The Land Gallery when visiting Bees in Art).

So, if you would like to purchase some bee related art or read about and follow the activities of a beekeeper, please pop over to Bees in Art, the first online art gallery dedicated to the humble bee!

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Debbie Grice at the Northern Print Biennale

Debbie Grice was selected from among several hundred artists to exhibit at the Northern Print Biennale, a major international event. Debbie's mezzotint engravings are being displayed in Newcastle's Laing Art Gallery alongside prints by artists such as Jim Dine, Michael Craig-Martin, Louise Bourgeois and Richard Hamilton.

New work from Debbie Grice - Nearly thereNew work from Debbie Grice - Safely home

The limited edition mezzotints are now available to purchase from Debbie’s collection at the Land Gallery.

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New work from Debbie Grice

Four new paintings and two drawings from Debbie Grice have been added to the gallery so please visit her collection to view them. The charcoal drawings are landscapes of the view toward Rosedale in North Yorkshire while the acrylic paintings draw their inspiration from the landscape and coast of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

New work from Debbie Grice - Towards Rosedale, North Yorkshire IINew work from Debbie Grice - North Uist, Outer Hebrides IV

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