Reveal Big Skies: Anna Kirk Smith Open Studio


Port du Moulin Arch by Anna Kirk-Smith

Anna Kirk-Smith will be opening up her house in Bridlington and showing new work during Reveal 2011 Open Studios.
She is open over the weekends of 1st/2nd & 8th/9th October, from 10am - 5pm each of those days, and all are welcome.

Estuarine Forms
Estuarine Forms by Anna Kirk-Smith

She says:
"It has been diverse and exciting times for me, so you will get to see works from my Artists for Nature trip to Sark, artworks drawn underwater from a collaboration with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the showcase of a piece in progress for Ghosts of Gone Birds London exhibition, and other pieces conceived outside from often blustery and wet excursions around the coast of Britain."

Geological Medley - Dixcart Bay
Geological Medley - Dixcart Bay by Anna Kirk-Smith

For more information about the event you should visit 
Anna's address to visit is:
6 Mayfield Road, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO15 3LE
Google Map YO15 3LE

Seabird Drawing with John Busby

John Busby Seabird Drawing Week 2011

Busby Gannets
Gannets by John Busby

A field sketching and painting week based at North Berwick on the Firth of Forth

18th - 25th June 2011

Course leaders: John Busby, David Measures, Anna Kirk Smith and Darren Woodhead

This is an opportunity for enthusiasts with experience of field sketching to gather for a week of drawing and painting among many seabird sites in the area: Bass Rock, Fidra, Dunbar, St. Abbs Head, Tyringhame, Aberlady Bay. Artists can opt to do their own thing or join others on visits to seabird sites. John Busby, David Measures, Anna Kirk Smith and Darren Woodhead will all be on hand if anyone would like help or guidance with drawing or painting in the field, and we hope to offer optional evening activities.

Contact Mark Boyd for more information.

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Spectacled Cormorant News from Anna Kirk Smith


I am currently working on an installation piece for a forthcoming muti-media exhibition entitled the 'Ghosts of Gone Birds', the brainchild of filmamker Ceri Levy that has gained the backing of Birdlife International and the RSPB. 100 species extinct in the last 400 years, 100 artists exploring their legacies and portents for the future - not only for the current bird population but for humans themselves.

I have the absolute pleasure to be working with the (ex) Spectacled Cormorant (pictured above) and am visiting the Tring branch of the Natural History Museum shortly to see 2 of the only 6 specimens worldwide. I'll let you know more about the piece and the exhibition details as it progresses. I'm really going to enjoy the physical challenge of this one.

I know it's a bit early - but have a great Christmas and New Year anyway.

Anna Kirk-Smith December 2010

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Drawing course, Bass Rock, and the British Birdwatching Fair

Anna Kirk-Smith has just returned from lecturing at John Busby's drawing course held on Bass Rock, Scotland. Here, alongside John Busby and David Measures, Anna taught the drawing of birds from life among the thousands of Bass Rock gannets. Some examples of her work, generated at St. Abb’s on the same trip, are below. If you would like to see these pieces and others in the flesh, they are due to be exhibited at the British Birdwatching Fair in Rutland, from the 21st to 23rd August 2009.

New work by Anna Kirk-Smith - Flood tide, St. Abb'sNew work from Anna Kirk-Smith - Kittiwake dread

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More new work from Anna Kirk-Smith

Anna has sent us three more new pieces which are at the top of her collection. Each is an acrylic on paper.

New work from Anna Kirk-Smith - InterfaceNew work from Anna Kirk-Smith - Limpets, sea, redNew work from Anna Kirk-Smith - Bass Rock

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New work for 2009 from Anna Kirk-Smith

To kick off the new year, Anna has forwarded us 4 new mixed media pieces ranging in price from £290 to £695. These appear at the top of her collection, so please visit her pages to view them. In addition, Anna has sent us more information about herself and her work so we would encourage you to visit her updated profile to find out more about the artist behind these excellent new pieces.

New work from Anna Kirk-Smith - Spring low tideNew work from Anna Kirk-Smith - Flooding tide, Selwicks Bay

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New work by Anna Kirk-Smith

Wave swirl, St. AbbsFor T.A. Stephenson

New pieces by Anna Kirk-Smith have been added and a selection is shown below. Visit Anna’s collection to see them all.

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