WWT Slimbridge: Peter Scott: Bewick's Swans by Dafila Scott

Dafila Scott Bewick's

Bewick's Swans at Dusk by Dafila Scott

Peter Scott’s daughter Dafila Scott is exhibiting Bewick's Swans at Dusk at WWT Slimbridge. The exhibition runs from the 7th of August to the 9th of September, and features work by the Scott family. Including Peter Scott, Nicola Scott and Dafila Scott.

After training as a zoologist, Dafila turned to drawing and painting. Most of her work is inspired by landscape that features animals or places with which she has become familiar. As a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, she has exhibited regularly at their annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries as well as at regional shows. She has also illustrated books and articles.

Working mostly in oils, sometimes water colours and more recently pastels, she paints either from life or from a combination of field sketches and memory. She has taken courses with painters and art teachers and is especially grateful for the inspirational teaching of Robin Child.

Recent work includes both figurative wildlife paintings and abstract landscapes inspired by visits to Kibale Forest in western Uganda and to the South Amin Kalahari. However, she is equally happy to gain inspiration at home in the garden or on the surrounding fen land.