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David Measures: Painter, Artist-Naturalist



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Saturday 13 July - Monday 26 August Open daily
Djanogly Art Gallery

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This exhibition is in the Angear Visitor Centre, Located in the Djanogly Art Gallery.

This exhibition presents a selection of the spontaneous watercolour studies of butterflies in flight from the studio of this well-known Southwell naturalist and artist who died in 2011.

British Bumblebees: Extinct & Extant


‘British Bumblebees: Extinct & Extant’, 84 Plate Hand Coloured Mezzotint, by Andrew Tyzack

Art for the Love of Sark: Jersey Art Centre


The Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF) is a unique non-profit organisation that aims to combine art, nature conservation and education through the work of some of the world's finest contemporary wildlife and landscape artists.

In 2009, wildlife artist and Sarkee Rosanne Guille approached Ysbrand Brouwers the founder and director of ANF with concerns for the future sustainability of the wildlife and way of life of Sark.

In May 2011, the wonderfully unspoilt, car-free Channel Island of Sark became the focus of the ANF's 15th project. A total of twenty of the world's leading artists came together on the island to raise awareness of its abundant wildlife and unique way of life, and the urgent need to protect them.


The resulting paintings, drawings and sculptures were exhibited in Sark, Holland and Guernsey and published in a beautiful project book to highlight Sark’s diverse and thriving natural history while also giving a message of caution of its fragility and need for future protection. Wildlife protection laws for Sark are currently being worked on by its Government and there is a feeling on Sark that the project has brought to people’s attention the importance of their natural resources.

Between 27th August and 14th September this year, the Jersey Arts Centre will hold an exhibition of work from the ‘Art for the Love of Sark’ project and proceeds from sales will go back into the Sark community for environmental work.

The ANF project in Sark has presented a very powerful case for the preservation of their traditional, sustainable way of life which is still under threat.

Happy 2013 from The Land Gallery

‘Self Portrait with Death’s-head Hawkmoth’ Oil on Linen by Andrew Tyzack

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